Benefits of Fabric Structures:


Fabric structures offer many advantages over traditional buildings. They can be relocated, erected on any surface, ready in weeks, use natural light and are easily installed.


Custom Design & Build - Any height, any length, any width. We will work with you to meet your requirements, or help you develop requirements that best suit your application in the most cost effective manner.


Value – the most cost effective way to cover any space with short installation times and minimal foundation requirements this is the best option for storage.


Galvanised Steel Frames - Our light weight frames allow fast installation times and reduces the total amount of steel used.


Quality Fabrics – We select a fabric on the requirement of the project from a 30 year lifespan to a low cost temporary storage solution. This flexible approach to fabric choice ensures the best value for money for every project.


Portability - Our portable shelters give you a fast, low-cost solution. Because of their modular construction, you can easily expand or relocate your portable building, shelter or structure when desired.


Re-locatable Buildings – McGregor Fabric Structures offers portable buildings that are easy to relocate due to their modular construction. The fabric is light-weight, which makes our structures easy to transport and set-up in various locations.


Permanent & Semi-Permanent - Built with durable steel aluminium and fabric, our structures withstand tough weather conditions, which makes them perfect if you are in need of a permanent shelter or semi-permanent shelter structure solutions.


Engineered Drawings – These can be provided upon request for planning or project planning purposes.


Green Energy Efficient Buildings Insulated and light emitting these buildings have a very small carbon footprint compared to any other manufacturing technique – most components can be recycled. The light environment helps human health and the environment during the building’s lifecycle.