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Over the past 18 months it’s safe to say that we have seen a lot of changes and trends worldwide. From banana bread to the rise of TikTok, there’s one trend that looks set to stay. Outdoor fitness has grown from strength to strength (no pun intended). During the pandemic, many people looked to exercising at home or outdoor activity to stay healthy, both body and mind.

People exercising under a Shield Canopy
Outdoor Fitness Class At Shrewsbury Health Club Under A Shield Canopy™ (picture courtesy of BeaverFit)
McGregor Installers working on a Shield Canopy at Shrewsbury Town Football Club
McGregor Installations at Shrewsbury Town Football Stadium

So why choose McGregor? Bruce says, “McGregor provides a canopy that allows us to use the container to the absolute fullest. The canopy does not obstruct any part of the container and sits neatly on the top of the containers, giving an overall smart look to the set up. We prefer McGregor’s clamping system, which keeps the front & back of containers available for us to install our rigs.” This allows access through the roller shutter door underneath the canopy, so both people and equipment will stay protected and dry.

Since COVID-19, gym-goers’ experience and preferences have changed. I asked Bruce for his take: “Now, people realise actually, they still want to exercise, but do they want to go to a sweaty gym? Probably not.”

Container with roller door showing fitness equipment
Shipping Containers are Perfect for Storing Equipment (picture courtesy of BeaverFit)

With increased interest in outdoor exercise and activities, McGregor Fabric Structures has been working with BeaverFit, a family run company established 11 years ago, who specialise in training equipment. BeaverFit is a global enterprise, predominantly focused on designing and manufacturing army training equipment. The company is now taking over and updating current facilities in the commercial sector to improve their indoor and outdoor offering, with their popularity increasing more and more since the pandemic hit and the rise in exercise trends such as CrossFit and BMF (Be Military Fit).

It’s mid-morning on a Friday and it’s unusually warm for October. McGregor Installations is working away on a Shield CanopyTM with the backdrop of Shrewsbury Town’s football stadium. The Shield CanopyTM will be used by the Shrewsbury Town community for fitness classes and bootcamps. 

I’m here to meet with Bruce Duncan, the Lead Project Manager on Human Performance at BeaverFit. Bruce has been at BeaverFit for 2 years now and describes the whole team as having an interest in sports, with a monthly marathon run from their office. “BeaverFit was born out of a steel fabrication and fitness company”, Bruce goes on to explain how the MD, Tom, created the training equipment for himself when training for the Arch 2 Arc challenge (a run to the Channel, swim the Channel and then cycle to Paris). His contacts at the British Army saw his equipment and sparked the idea of a container gym. They commissioned temporary gym areas from BeaverFit for personnel when they were drafted in last minute as security at the 2012 Olympics. The exposure gave them thousands of people worldwide, which aided their product development process. Now, BeaverFit’s rigs have been adapted for both indoor and outdoor use, made from galvanised steel that stand the test of time. 

Bruce explains that they have “a focus on the outdoors, because no one else did. That was always our focus, to find the best solution for soldiers.

This continues with the commercial sector as BeaverFit is gaining contracts with prevalent gym brands such as David Lloyd. Bruce is positive that the outdoor fitness trend will stay and grow.

He continues, “you can have as good a training experience outside, but it’s covered so you have some protection.” Working outdoors under shelter gives the benefit of the fresh air as well as gaining that outdoor bootcamp experience. BeaverFit, along with McGregor, provide that experience to customers in the UK and beyond.

Many comparisons can be drawn between McGregor and BeaverFit. Both companies are family run with a customer-centric focus – we both want our clients to strive & focus on customer feedback to constantly improve our products through customer feedback. Our Shield CanopyTM is modular in design and made from the strongest materials, providing adaptability and reliability to customers who need their product to last.

BeaverFit is continuing to grow with the demand for outdoor gym spaces, building their portfolio much like McGregor. 

If you would like any further information on our Shield CanopyTM, call us today on 08082312878, or send us an email We would be happy to help! 

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