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McGregor Fabric Structures flexible partitioning helps maximise existing warehouse space.

With the demands of warehouse management constantly evolving, businesses are looking to maximise space, reduce costs and find ways to broaden stock holding capabilities.

Site expansion or relocation is not always feasible, so businesses need to find solutions that can work within their current facility. A low-impact solution can be partition walling; segregating open industrial spaces into smaller zones allows stock to be easily managed and environmental conditions to be controlled.

At McGregor Fabric Structures, our industrial partitioning allows businesses to maximise storage capacity by subdividing warehouse spaces to increase capacity, diversify operations and re-invigorate the working environment.

Our full-height and free-standing flexible partitioning offers a turnkey solution that enables businesses to structure their warehouse space to adapt to changing business demands.

Rapidly installed in a single fix with minimal impact to the existing building, the flexible partition wall can be simply removed or relocated. McGregor Fabric Structures flexible partitioning delivers space changing benefits, including, segregation, privacy screening, dust exclusion, temperature & noise control, along with health & safety improvements.

To find out more about creating space in your warehouse, contact us today.

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