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Getting cars forecourt ready - creating a segregated finishing area to prepare stock.

Saxon Bridge Car Superstore in Milton Keynes takes delivery of a McGregor Fabric Structures Flexible Partition Wall to create a segregated clean area at their newly refurbished Mount Farm site.

A segregated space was required to act as a finishing area for their used cars as they prepare them to hit the forecourt. A key ingredient in the partition working for Saxon Bridge was a high-quality finish; following the cars final preparations this area would be used to stage the photos for the vehicles website listings.

This partition created an enclosed room of 406 square metres within the workshop. Formed of 3 flexible partition walls, connected to an existing structural wall. Saxon Bridge’s partition was installed in April of 2018; installed as a single fix in just 3 days. Now in full operation, this workshop partition is enabling Saxon Bridge to manage their site operations and deliver efficiencies in their workflow; to help them deliver the very best product to their customers.

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