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Design and installation of a full-height Flexible Partition Wall to provide environmental control

McGregor Fabric Structures helps a growing business develop their new factory site by supplying a full-height, Flexible Partition to separate their digital printing processes from product assembly.

Taking the initiative in the market for personalised goods printing, ESP Colour acquired a new factory to house specific equipment and processes to produce these unique products.

ESP Colour needed to partition an area of their factory to provide environmental control to separate cooling and airflow at their new site. The digital presses used to produce the personalised items have an exacting temperature range they need to operate within; this would be significantly cooler than the remainder of the factory.

A significant driver in ESP’s decision making process was having their site ready for production to meet seasonal demand. ESP needed the factory up and running within one month to allow them to meet supply for Christmas. With £1,000,000 worth of equipment; electrics, compressed air, air conditioning, water and 25 employees going into the factory it was of upmost importance that the partition could be manufactured and installed in rapid time. McGregor Fabric Structures’ in-house design and manufacture capability allowed us to match ESP Colour’s tight timeline.

“We looked at a number of partitions and decided to go with McGregor Fabric Structures because their service offering was better and lead time was also better, it was quicker and fitted our production schedule to get our factory up and running.”

Simon Smogur - Chief Financial Officer ESP Colour

McGregor Fabric Structures worked closely with ESP to provide a Flexible Partition system to fulfil their exacting needs. Constructed from 600gsm fire rated PVC, formed with a dual colour finish to reflect the ESP Colour brand aesthetic. To enable visibility of traffic when approaching the partition (delivering on health & safety requirements), multiple window panels were welded into the partition. The high-frequency welded sheet was fixed to the existing structure using our unique beam clamping system before being tensioned in place to give the clean aesthetic finish. The partition was installed as a single fix by a 3 person team taking a total of 2 days.

Completed in August 2017 we have since returned to the site to modify and extend the existing partition enabling ESP Colour to quickly adapt their site as they continue to expand.