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Collaborating with CLM, The Olympic Delivery Authority and Bam Nuttall on the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Walkway in Stratford, East London.

This prestigious project has been one of our biggest achievements in fabric architecture to date, involving the design and delivery of a 315-metre long covered walkway structure linking the main Olympic stadium to the training grounds. The walkway allowed athletes and VIPs to move from one area to another in a comfortable and protected environment.

Technically, the project presented many challenges, not least the incorporation of more than 2000 individual components, each one designed and manufactured by McGregor Fabric Structures. In addition, the 125-sectioned structure had to follow undulating ground, crossing a bridge and even had a movable section (mounted on tracks), which could be slid back to give emergency vehicles access to a concealed road bisecting the walkway.

At the centre of high profile activities; the walkway needed to be well ventilated and look good – in keeping with the surrounding pieces of landmark Olympic Park architecture. Our team came up with a design that used raised sides and hidden anchors to make the walkway appear as if it was floating. We also integrated a roof vent into the form of the structure; offsetting the curve of the two roof sections we created a continuous concealed break in the roof that would work with the prevailing wind to draw warm air out of the top of the structure.

The interior of the walkway was divided centrally along its length with a privacy screen aiding ‘traffic’ flow. Further to the main covered structure, we constructed an ‘all weather’ outer screen on the South side of the walkway, establishing a pathway for motored buggies transporting athletes and VIPs.

“Bam Nuttall worked with McGregor Fabric Structures on the London 2012 Olympics infrastructure project, their enthusiastic approach, high manufacturing standards and excellent health and safety record made them a great business to work with.”

Michael Galvin - Design Coordinator BAM Nuttall

Working closely with Bam Nuttall throughout the construction of the walkway, McGregor Fabric Structures continuously met and exceeded health and safety requirements in spite of a complex and challenging construction environment. The resulting structure followed the contours of the site fitting perfectly with the aesthetics of the stadium.

The Walkway played a key role in the Olympic Games and ceremonies, visible to live audiences at the stadium and featured in television broadcasts of the games.

The design, manufacture and installation of this unique and momentous structure took just three months. The London 2012 Olympics Walkway was completed in December 2011.