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McGregor Fabric Structures supplies high quality salt storage building for Newcastle City Council.

One of our largest steel framed fabric structures implemented in recent years has been the salt storage building for Newcastle City Council. A full design and build project, this unique structure was engineered by our in-house team and manufactured across our two factories dedicated to the production of steel and PVC coated fabric.

The requirement was to replace the existing portal frame and steel roof, which had eroded to the point of being unusable. The council were storing 500,000 kg of road grit in an open-penned area at their Heaton depot. Road grit is made up from 20% salt and 80% grit; if stored uncovered, exposure to rain will degrade the salt – reducing its effectiveness. The net effect of this is a spoiled resource and lost time managing a compromised product, coupled with an increase in the number of gritting lorries on the road.

The new building is formed of a double trellis frame with a clear-span of 23.9 metres – fixed to the existing concrete wall. The steel frame is clad in a 600 gsm PVC fabric cover fitted into an aluminium tracking system at every section. This much improved facility provides front and side entry allowing road gritting supplies to be moved securely under cover meaning far less wastage. Built from resilient structural grade materials with a corrosion resistant finish, maintenance costs are low.

“Newcastle City Council worked together with McGregor Fabric Structures on a new on site salt storage facility. Their technical expertise, high standard of workmanship and flexible approach made them the ideal team to collaborate with.”

Malcolm Boakes – Site Manager Newcastle City Council

McGregor Fabric Structures are proud to have worked with the council on such a crucial project. The planning, build and installation of the new salt storage facility was completed in December 2014.