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Designing and installation of a dividing wall to create temperature control within an existing warehouse environment.

Zimmer Biomet approached McGregor Fabric Structures in January 2015 in search for a low impact solution to provide the perfect storage environment for their high value stock.

A large manufacturer of high-end medical equipment, Zimmer Biomet had very specific requirements. They needed to divide their internal space to create areas of different temperatures within their large-scale warehouse in Breda in the Netherlands. The solution needed to be light-weight, with a minimal footprint, cause the minimum impact to the existing building’s structure and be fitted while the site was in operation.

A significant driver in their decision making process was Zimmer Biomet’s need to fulfil their return agreement included in the lease on their warehouse. Upon vacating they would need to return the building to its original condition; facing significant fines if this couldn’t be achieved.

A progressive business, eager to impress its customers; aesthetics was very important. Not only did the partition have to be perfectly functional, it needed to look good in order to reflect the quality of the product being stored.

“Zimmer had a requirement for a large but ultimately portable temperature dividing wall within the existing factory setting. McGregor Fabric Structures came up with an ideal installation at a realistic cost and timeframe.”

Justin Leach – Building Manager Zimmer Biomet

Our partition system provided a significant advantage over alternatives. Constructed from high-frequency welded PVC sheet, fixed to the existing structure using our unique beam clamping system. The suspended wall sheets are fixed along their vertical edges and base before being tensioned to give a flat, clean, continuous surface. The finished, installed partition took up a minimal footprint, with the PVC sheet neatly shutting off against 62mm wide aluminium ground fixing strip. This partition was installed as a single fix by a 3 person team taking 3 weeks.

The partition was specified with high-speed, roller shutter doors enabling access through the partition without compromising the environmental conditions while maintaining efficient workflow throughout the site.

Completed in March 2015 we have since returned to the site to fit additional doors and adjust positions as the customer’s workflow changed and expanded.