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The Insulated Partition Wall is a flexible partition system, designed specifically to create temperature-controlled environments within open-plan factories, warehouses and industrial environments.

Spanning floor to ceiling, this insulated dividing wall forms a highly effective thermal barrier. Typically used to divide industrial spaces needing enclosed temperature controlled zones, the Insulated Partition Wall enables easier control of spaces within an open-plan building that need to be kept cold, hot, or where a stable temperature needs to be maintained.

The Insulated Partition Wall is a light-weight, fire rated, robust solution, creating a resilient physical barrier for industrial applications. Fitted in a ‘single fix’ the partition is rapidly installed, with little to no impact or interference with the existing building. This makes it the ideal thermal barrier solution for rented premises or sites with an expected change of use.

Product Summary

Thermal Performance
U-value of 0.360 W/m2k
Wall Panel Inner & Outer Sheets
600gsm Fire Rated PVC
Primary Steel Fixings
Steel Beam Clamps
Ground Fixing Type
Aluminium Cassette

Optional Features

  • High speed roller shutter doors

    Providing energy savings, climate control and improved site efficiency, high-speed roller shutter doors can be inserted into the partition. These doors can be specified and mounted to steel framework, supplied as an integrated part of the partition structure.

  • Personnel Doors

    Personnel doors can be inserted into the partition at any point, enclosed within a single PVC wall panel. We recommend steel personnel doors for stability and security, these can be specified with a number of closure and locking systems depending on site requirements.

Full Space Partition Installation

Product Specification

The Insulated Partition Wall is specifically designed to act as a thermal barrier, separating temperature-controlled areas within industrial environments. The partition provides a thermal performance with a U-value of 0.360 W/m2k, equivalent to composite wall panels.

In addition to its thermal properties, the Insulated Partition Wall delivers all the benefits of our light-weight flexible partition system; separating manufacturing processes, acting as a dust barrier, screening sensitive activity and providing ‘clean’ working environments within active industrial sites.

This partition system can be installed as a single continuous sheet or subdivided into panels to meet specific building requirements; changing direction, fitting around existing structures and services.

The Thermal Partition has a total wall thickness of 80mm, formed of two offset spans of tensioned 600gsm PVC-coated fabric. The cavity between the two external sheets is filled with sheet insulation, suspended from the partition’s top fixing track. Panel joints are high-frequency welded giving superior strength and longevity, while also producing a smooth, uninterrupted surface that is easily maintained

Welded sheets are tailored to fit the building’s internal profile, manufactured with a Keder bead running the full length of the sheet’s top edge for fitting into the top aluminium track.

The hanging system is formed of two continuous aluminium extrusions running along the top edge of the partition, which are clamped to the buildings primary steels and/or purlins. This extrusion gives structure to the partition, allowing the wall panels to be suspended without any loss in tension. Once in place, the partition is fixed across its base and adjusted using our integrated tensioning system.

If additional steels are required to provide structure or enable the integration of a supporting framework, a scheme can be developed to best suit the practicalities of an individual site. If limited roof steels are available or the building being partitioned is of more unique construction, our experienced in-house engineering team can work to develop bespoke fixing systems to overcome even the most challenging of sites.

Shipped to site as a palletised kit of parts, the Insulated Partition Wall delivers our customers a distinct advantage over more traditional alternatives, delivering high performance, low site impact, single trade installation, constructed rapidly with no aftercare requirement.

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