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The Modular Dividing Screen is a free-standing partition, designed to enable flexible site management in open-plan spaces such as factories, warehouses and workshops. As well as creating a visual barrier, the Modular Dividing Screen is a durable and highly effective solution for separating manufacturing processes or creating temporary segregated areas.

An adaptable free-standing system, the Modular Dividing Screen can be applied as a permanent or semi-permanent structure. With no wearing components, the partition can be dismantled, moved, re-configured and re-assembled without compromising the performance of the structure making it ideal for temporary or longer-term use.

Once fixed in place, the sheet is tensioned and capped, creating a tight and resilient panelled structure, forming a well-presented part of any working environment, and giving visual continuity with a clean, neutral aesthetic.

Product Summary

Ground Fixing Type
Plated Anchors
Wall Panels
600gsm PVC
Panel Height
4.5 Metres
Column Spacing
3.0 Metres

Optional Features

  • Personnel Doors

    Personnel doors can be inserted into the partition at any point – enclosed within a single PVC wall panel. We recommend steel personnel doors for stability and security, these can be specified with a number of closure and locking systems depending on site requirements.

  • Large Access Doors

    Large access doors can be provided to allow access for vehicles and oversized equipment. We manufacture our own sliding curtain door with a lockable ratchet closure system; this simple to operate, cost effective solution is perfect if access for oversized items is required less frequently. If more frequent access is required, we can specify high speed roller shutter doors or PVC strip curtains.

  • Fire Safety

    Push bar, fire escape doors can be fitted into the partition to run in-line with existing access routes and safest point of exit. These doors follow the same principles as other personnel doors with greater attention to site layout and health and safety policy.

  • Floor Sealing

    For sites where a partition is installed to divide two dedicated environments. We can specify floor sealing strips to stop dust passing through the 10mm gap beneath partition walls. We fit a compliant seal to the base of the partition walls, stopping the transfer of dust across the open floor.

Modular Partition - National Composites Centre

Product Specification

The Modular Dividing Screen can be used to form enclosed rooms or provide areas of dividing wall. Free-standing wall sections are 4.5 meters high and can be supplied to span any length – typically working to a three metre column spacing.

Columns are formed of a profiled aluminium extrusion with an integrated track system; designed to grip the sheet sections. Steel anchor plates, Excalibur bolted into an existing concrete floor are sleeved by the aluminium columns providing their rigidity. The top horizontal brace is formed of a folded steel channel providing the column spacing giving the structure strength under tension and enclosing the vertical tension system. Screen panels are formed of a tensioned 600gsm FR PVC coated fabric sheet.

Manufactured with Keder beading across 3 edges, sections are tailored to fit into the columns track system under tension, before being fixed at their base with a static bar, enclosed in a continuous pocket. Finally, panels are tensioned vertically with an integrated adjustment mechanism enclosed in the horizontal brace – fine-tuned during insulation. All sheet joins are high frequency welded giving superior strength and longevity; producing a smooth, uninterrupted surface that is easily maintained.

Shipped to site as a kit of parts. The Modular Dividing Screen delivers our customers a distinct advantage over more traditional alternatives, delivering low site impact, single trade installation, constructed rapidly, with no aftercare requirement.

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