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The 12-metre wide canopy is the largest option in our versatile Shield Canopy™ range. Quick and easy to install, the 12-metre canopy offers maximum height and width to create up to 146m2 of covered space. This makes it ideal for sheltering multiple vehicles, machinery, materials and workers, making it an ideal alternative to the permanent steel shed.

Unlike other conventional container canopies, Shield Canopy™ features an integrated translucent roof strip that allows diffused natural light into the covered area, creating a much more useful workspace.

The durable MagnaTube steel framework is clad in a waterproof and fire-rated PVC cover, providing a robust shelter from adverse weather. To ensure the space is kept as dry as possible, a full seal is created against the containers to prevent water ingress from the sides.

Available in lengths to suit 20-foot or 40-foot shipping containers (standard or ‘high-cube’), the 12-metre wide container canopy is a versatile solution for creating a large covered space between two containers; smaller options are also available at 8 metres wide or 10 metres wide.

Pricing starts from £5,261 + VAT

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Product Summary

Canopy Width
12.2 Metres
Total Height (std container)
6.2 Metres
Roof Sheet
600gsm PVC
76.2mm Magnatube
Fixing Type
Clamping Bar
Wind Loading
Snow Loading

Optional Features

  • Partial Gable Wall

    Partial end wall panels can be specified to cover the “D” shaped section at either end of the container canopy. These end panels include cladding and all of the required supporting framework.

  • Full-Height Gable Wall

    A full-height wall can be added to either end of the container canopy, completely enclosing it on one side. Includes cladding and all required supporting framework.

McGregor Fabric Structures

Product Specification

Providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. The 12-metre Shield Canopy™ is constructed from 76.2 (section) Magnatube, with diagonal bracing at the front and rear hoop sections formed of 50mm Z35 structural steel. ‘Drop-in’ purlins are formed of 31mm Z35 structural steel.

A clamping bar running the length of the containers fixes the canopy’s structure to the container section. Formed of 60 x 60mm galvanised steel box section, the clamping bar uses a bespoke configuration of clamps and fixing plates to grip the container’s outer wall and bolt to the lifting knuckles at each corner. Tensioned straps, spanning the width of the container secure the clamping bar in place and prevent any rotation.

The Canopy is constructed from a 600gsm PVC coated fabric. Tensioned with a ratcheted pocket system to form a tailored roof structure that will withstand the harshest weather conditions with a resilient and durable finish designed to last 25 years or more.

Rainfall is controlled with a rubber sealing strip that runs along the length of the fixing bar, limiting ingress from the top of the container. The canopies roof sheet creates a generous overlap where it intersects the container edge providing shelter from rain traveling on side winds.

The 12-metre container canopy is engineered to perform in the demanding external climate. Wind loading is calculated to 500N/m2 (equivalent to 102km/h) following the European standard BS EN 1993. Snow loading is calculated to 420N/m2 and drifted snow load is calculated to 840N/m2, following the European standard BS EN 1991.

Protecting exposed sites and sensitive working environments; Shield Canopy™ can be specified with additional panels and steel framework for cladding & enclosing the open gable ends. Gable cladding can either span the top section only (terminating at the top edge of the container) or span the full opening.

The 12-metre Container Canopy has been designed and manufactured for ‘self-build’ installation and comes with detailed instructions for assembly. If required installation can be provided as part of a comprehensive supply package within mainland Britain.

The Shield Canopy™ is packed and dispatched as a palletised kit and can be delivered worldwide.

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