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Shield Canopy™ rental delivers flexibility for businesses

Providing flexibility for businesses to create covered outdoor space, our new Shield Canopy™ rental packages provide an immediate and manageable solution to a variety of storage & shelter needs.

Whether you’re experiencing a sudden increase in production, holding extra stock, or rapidly outgrowing your current space, renting a Shield Canopy™ allows you to meet on-site requirements while minimising costs and disruption to your long-term business goals.

Our canopy rental packages are the ideal solution for temporary sites, creating cover during construction projects, or when the need arises to store excess stock or equipment for a limited time. With prices starting from as little as £650 per month and a rapid installation time of just two days, renting a Shield Canopy™ is simple and quick.

Start your Shield Canopy™ rental enquiry today – send us an email to, or call us now on 0808 256 3210.

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