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Enabling safe working in factories, warehouses and industrial facilities

As manufacturing, logistics, and construction industries prepare for their return to work, creating a safe working environment will be of vital importance during these challenging times.

To ensure you meet social distancing guidelines and keep your workforce protected from the potential spread of COVID-19, a temporary partition or screen solution may be required to segregate existing open spaces in your facility; a screen solution can be used to isolate workflows and create new spaces for canteens, toilet blocks, and breakout areas.

Our UK-made Modular Dividing Screen is a rapidly installed free-standing partition, which creates a highly effective hygienic barrier. Constructed with our unique panel system, the Modular Dividing Screen can be specified up to 4.5m high and simply bolts into the floor, making it quick & easy to install, demount and reconfigure as your on-site needs evolve. 

Speak to our partition experts today about a social distancing solution for your facility – Call 0808 256 3210 or email

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