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Modular Screen Move

Earlier this year we returned to the National Composite Centre (NCC) in Bristol to reposition and add to their modular dividing screen in preparation for a new tenant. With high value tenants changing regularly and a constant set of changing space needs the NCC required a robust, movable workshop screen.

Taking advantage of the adaptability of our Modular Dividing Screen, the NCC made full use of the screen’s capability to be dismantled and repositioned/ reformatted in different locations.

Providing industrial-scale research, technology and manufacturing facilities to over 100 specialist composite engineers, designers and technicians. The NCC is a large-scale workshop, supporting technology start-ups developing innovative applications for high-tech composites. An open plan workshop, the NCC is divided to accommodate a verity of current tenants and can be changed/ remodelled to fit each tenant’s specific needs and reformatted when tenants change.

This is where our Modular Dividing Screen delivers. The Modular Dividing Screen can be applied as a permanent or semi-permanent structure. With no wearing components, the partition can be dismantled, moved, re-configured and re-assembled without compromising the structures performance. In this instance, following a changeover of tenant, an area of existing screen needed to be reconfigured with additional sections added to create a ‘new’ larger space. We returned to site, having developed the revised scheme and manufactured the additional components. On what became some fairly extensive changes our installation team carried out the works to dismantle and install in 7 working days.

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